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CommonWealth Forum: Sustainable Buildings & Future Generation

Building is the shelter for its residents. When there's no fresh ventilation, it causes higher possibility of cross infection, increasing CO2 concentration, and massive corbon emission which lead to serious heat island effect in the city. 

Moreover, the COVID-19 pendamic triggers the reconsideration of the relation between human-being and the environment. In the future, the buildings and cities shall not just equipt epidemic prevention, but also become the "positive" space. Indeed, SHOULD would like to build "breathing buildings" which aim at achieving "zero heat emission", "zero carbon emission", and "zero energy waste". We believe that the fundamental changes shall be applied to both construction chain and consupmtion behaviors, then we and our next generation can enjoy a sustainable life.

It's what you should know; it's also what you deserve to life. SHOULD founded by a group of young entrepreneurs, the purpose is to create high standards for the future urban development. We invite you to be one of us. Besides, let's care about our planet, as well as conduct the climate action.    

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