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Subvert traditional architecture and return to the balance between man and nature

--- People, this is how they should live ---

From dangerous old buildings to safe and beautiful new buildings; from old sky-high apartments to elevator mansions; in pursuit of a better life, we should also think about the harmonious relationship between man and nature.


When the building space lacks air circulation, virus cross-infection and CO2 concentration rise, it will make people's body and mind unbalanced; when the climate warms up and people's closed air-conditioning brings short-term comfortable life, it brings more heat emissions and urbanization to the earth and the next generation heat island effect.


The new crown pneumonia epidemic has made people rethink the healthy relationship between people, buildings and the environment; in the future, it will evolve from "epidemic prevention space" to "positive energy building", with circular economic technologies such as zero heat emission, zero carbon emission, and zero waste electricity Only by constructing energy-saving buildings that can breathe can we completely change the urban space and bring about a healthy and livable living city.


Urban renewal is not only about renovating traditional architectural space, but also transcending modern thinking, creating high-standard buildings that truly meet human needs, bringing a new life experience, and giving everyone the life they should have, because people, originally This is how it should be lived!


"Benju" is based on the concept of people, and integrates technology to promoteA new standard in construction.


Traditional architecture is dominated by builders, and the house is built,Re-sell to the public;High-standard buildings that meet the needs of human beings, and obtain socialwill agree, and through co-creation and co-creation of financial transparencySharing and sharing a good platform, integrating construction resources, and realizingThe wonderful life of "people should live like this"vision.


Benzhu people hope to create zero heat emission, zero carbon emission,A zero-waste city will give everyone what they should haveenjoy life.


Love the earth, not just a slogan, but all human beingscommon goal.


Through "Urban Renewal" to implement this new architecturalStandards, to create a more suitable living justice for the public,Fight for the future and work hard for the cooling of the earth


Invite you to become a native, and together for the love of the earth,Do your part for a better life.

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